The Jibber Jabber.

Apologies to all fans of Lewis Caroll and the A-team.

It was brilliant and the slithy toves,
Had gone on holiday to Wales.
All mellow were the borogroves,
As the A team van appeared.

Beware the Jibber Jabber Mr T my son,
The fool that bites the fool that catches.
Beware the drugged milk and shun.
Any invitations to get on an aeroplane.

T took his gold chains in hand,
Long time the foolish foe he sought.
So he rested by the A team van,
And stood awhile in thought.

And while eating a snickers bar as T stood,
The Jibber Jabber with trainers aflame.
Came wobbling through the dingy wood,
Jibber jabbering as it came.

“I pity you fool through and through,”
Said T launching an attack.
He left it dead and with its head,
Drove the team van back.

Said Hannibal , ” T has killed the Jibber Jabber,
Come to my arms you foolish man.
Nobody dies in this program,
We’ll alienate all our fans ! ”

It was brilliant and the relaxed slithy toves,
Back from a lovely holiday in Wales.
Did notice the poor unemployed Mr T,
Bemoaning the fact he had failed.

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