Across the road is
A lawn that’s the biz.
Day and night
It’s tended right.
So its sheen
Is verdant green.
The owner’s sweat
And don’t regret.
The time spent
Or where it went.
To make their lawn
Neatly shorn.

Whereas my grass is lost
Among the moss.
Dandelions and weeds
Are king and queen.
The borders
Are disordered.
Whisking the mower
Over and over.
Ignoring my machine’s rattle
I do battle.
The lawn will be there
When it’s as short as my hair.

Mowing the lawn and doing the gardening continues to inspire me which is bizarre as it is certainly my least favorite job next to my real day job ! However whilst out massacring mowing the front lawn I was struck by how some people really put a lot of effort into the simple art of lawn maintenance (except me! )


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