Management announces with regret,
The office’s saddest departure yet.
They’ll be no more caffeine fueled starts
As I’m talking about the coffee cart.

No more cappuccino and Mochas,
No more marvelous special offers,
No more service with good cheer,
No more cure for last night’s beer.

So when you enter floor lower ground,
And there’s no longer a coffee smell around.
Remember the faithful coffee cart,
In boosting morale it did its part.

The dread of entering my workplace used to be countered by the smell of fresh coffee from a real coffee cart that lurked in the staff entrance. Sadly the cart passed away many years ago and was replaced with a cheap self-service coffee machine. God I miss that cart , especially today when I could have done with a real coffee pick me up and not the old hot water and instant powder swill.

Anyway all this melancholy reminded me of this poem I wrote sometime ago to commiserate myself on the departure of the best office coffee I have ever tasted.

2 thoughts on “Coffee.

  1. Yay! Found your blog thanks to Twitter. Looks great! You rule.

    Self-service means you can have that 6th cup without anyone looking at you funny, but it also means you’re drinking from a machine.



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