DDO Cast 218

This weeks excellent show sees me in my segment waffle on about spouse aggro , if you click the link below you can hear what I have to say on the subject. Interestingly the poem went through a major change before I was happy with it, it was originally called “Doghouse,” and went something like this.

I should be mowing the lawn,
Instead I’m mowing down Kobolds.
I should be looking for a cheap holiday,
Instead I’m looking for a cheap vorpal.
I should Be trying to understand my daughter’s homework,
Instead I’m trying to understand crafting.
I should be running a bath,
Instead I’m running waterworks.
I should be trying to find my keys,
Instead I’m trying to find a bloodstone.
I should By organising my poem ideas,
Instead I’m organising my inventory.
I should be spending time in DDO,
Instead I’m spending time in the doghouse.

Another idea for this poem was to have Mrs Skaggy read alternate lines, but as I did a mental read through something didn’t quite work so it mutated into the spouse aggro poem I read out.

ddo poetry corner 38

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