Mr Men violence !

Sometimes I like to waffle instead of write poetry and today is one of those days, as I just have to write about the unexpected violence in a child’s book that I found when reading a story to my daughter last night !

A bit of background, my daughter is two and a bit and loves stories, me being a nostalgic old fool bought her a load of the Mr_Men_and_Little_Miss books I used to enjoy having read to me when I was a little dot. Now I remember these stories as being harmless fun tales often with a funny ending that were a delight to have on my bookshelf. So imagine my surprise when last night I read my daughter the story of Little Miss Trouble and found myself reading a story of telling tales, mischief and worse of all violence.

Yes that is right in this supposedly harmless children’s book Little Miss Trouble get another Mr Man, poor Mr Small ( who is hardly big enough to defend himself ) assaulted.

Don’t believe me take a look at this where Mr Small gets a black eye.

Things go from bad to worse for Mr Small

Just look at that psychotic look on Mr Clever’s face, no wonder Mr Small looks scared !

I would like to say the story has a happy ending but Mr Small by also telling tales gets two other Mr Men to beat up Little Miss Trouble, so who said violence doesn’t breed violence?

4 thoughts on “Mr Men violence !

  1. I did get an email back! On 14th Jan I received:

    “Dear Ms Madelin

    Thank you for your email regarding Little Miss Trouble.

    I realise that your message was written a few days ago now, so I just wanted to reassure that we did receive your email and that we take your feedback very seriously. We will be re-assessing this title’s content as a matter of urgency.

    Little Miss Trouble was written by Roger Hargreaves and published in 1981 and has since formed part of the collectable classic Mr. Men and Little Miss Series. This is the first complaint we have received about this title, but we take our responsibility to children extremely seriously, so thank you once again for your feedback. We will be discussing this matter further with the brand owners of Mr Men.

    With best wishes”

    I must follow it up….


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