Man vs. Easy to Assemble Trampoline.


Based on a true story.

Come one come all to this
Once in a lifetime event.
It’s a clash of the titans,
A battle royale magnificent.

In the red corner, Man.
Evolved with opposable thumbs.
In the blue corner, Trampoline.
Inanimate and quite dumb.

Watch Man make the first move,
Bending Trampoline’s frame.
Trampoline is very still,
Is it playing a waiting game?

Man grabs Trampoline’s cord,
His next target’s to attach a mat.
Trampoline is still quiet,
Oblivious it seems to the attack.

Man struggles with the cord,
Its elasticity seems suspect.
Is that a smile from Trampoline?
Has Man been checked?

Man looks in vain for instructions,
This Trampoline doesn’t make sense.
He’s left his opponent half complete,
Will Trampoline begin an offence?

Man expends the last of his energy,
But all he gets is terribly cross.
Finally he can only give sadly quit,
Reluctantly admitting that he’s lost.

Trampoline has no mouth at all,
With which to taunt Man’s defeat.
It silently revels in its victory,
Standing there half complete.

Man dejectedly slumps in the corner
Vowing one day to return to the fray.
For now Trampoline mutely gloats,
The true victor of the fight today.


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