An Open Letter to the Fox Living in my Road

Dear Mr Fox I’m writing directly to you,
As I want to set a few things straight.
Folk in my street may think you’re cute,
But I don’t think you’re that great.
Your mangy tail and flea ridden coat,
Somehow endears you to my neighbours.
But please stop digging up my lawn,
And chewing on my newspapers.
And can you when you visit my garden,
Just try to be more clean.
There’s plenty of bushes and plants,
So why shit on our trampoline?
You know our dustbin holds only rubbish,
Not some hidden fox snack or treat.
So why do you knock it over,
And spill the contents down the street.
I want you to be aware Mr Fox,
That when you next make your rounds.
If I see anymore of your bad ways,
I will release the hounds.

3 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Fox Living in my Road

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