I think I’m going bald ?

I tentatively touch the back of my head
Trying to work out if my hair is still there.
I twist my neck as I look in the mirror
I can see a bald spot I swear.
Worried I consult recent family photos
Looking for ones of me taken from behind.
My head seems to glare as the camera flashed
And people look like they’ve been struck blind.
There’s no doubt about it I’m going bald
Or optimistically my hairs now very thin.
I gaze at the mirror reflecting on the irony
That the hairiest part of my head’s my chin.

3 thoughts on “I think I’m going bald ?

  1. Skag,

    I started doing video podcasts for work / YouTube. Our social media dude, said that the camera should be up high to eliminate the 2nd chin. When I walked under the camera it got my bald spot. Now friends have been telling me for a few years that I was losing hair there, but I didn’t believe them until the camera caught it.

    I always said I would “Be a man” and shave my head when it came to going bald. Now that it is here, I have discovered that I am a vain MFer. I started rogaine a few weeks ago. I hate that I’m vain…. and I guess I’m not “a man” šŸ™‚



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