The Indomitable British Spirit.

Partly based on my weekend.

The wind was blowing and the sky was grey
And promising rain later in the day.
Sensible people were staying indoors
Catching up on their weekend chores.
But father who by weather was not swayed
Announced, ” I think we’ll have a barbecue today. ”
So despite the wind beginning to worsen,
Neighbours peering through their curtains.
Saw the grill dragged out and dusted off
And coals lit and start to get hot.
Then Father coaxed the flames with a paraffin splash
While dodging the blowing hot wind-swept ash.
And the barbecue began to smoulder
As the temperature grew even colder.
Mother loaded the table with cutlery things,
And salad plus potatoes and serviette rings.
Each weighted down with anything to hand
To stop them blowing across the land.
Then as sausages and burgers began to blacken
Still the wind didn’t slacken.
And plumes of smoke blew all around
Threatening to summon Cherokee to town.


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