Squeak at the Moon

Walking home past a creepy old pet shop,
I was coming home late last night.
When a small creature out of the dark shot,
Who proceeded to give me a tiny bite.
I went straight to the hospital,
They said I was OK, so was home soon.
However all it seems was not well,
As I found out at the next full moon.
I awoke that night with an odd feeling,
While at the window the moon rose.
I grew fur, whiskers and a small tail,
With a very cute bright shiny nose.
Rising in a state of terror and panic,
I looked in my bedside mirror.
Looking back at me I could see,
Was a Were Hamster, oh what terror!
Strange urges now took control,
For me that night there was no rest.
Firstly I found a load of old newspapers,
Chewing them to build a big nest.
Then as I lay down inside it,
Wondering where this would lead.
I was overtaken by a new craving,
A hungry urge to eat sunflower seeds.
So I went outside into the garden,
For it was there the sunflowers were.
Then with a swift blow from my claws,
Not a single delicious plant was spared.
While I gorged on the tasty seeds,
Another odd urge I began to feel.
I chewed and thought about it,
Where would I find a giant hamster wheel?
Then the solution hit me quickly,
I scampered into a farmer’s field.
There spying his tractor all alone,
Its big back tyre I began to steal.
I rolled around in the tyre in ecstasy
Feeling this night mustn’t end soon.
I was having such great fun,
Raising my head I squeaked at the moon.
Next morning human again I awoke in my nest,
The night before seemed so unreal.
But there against my garage wall,
Was my tractor tyre hamster wheel.
So now every full moon I change,
And go out and fulfill beastly needs.
By having a good run in my wheel,
And stuffing myself with sunflower seeds.



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