The Wasp Blues.

I woke up this morning,
Summer was here.
Heard a strange buzzing,
Meant wasps were near.

Little yellow bastards,
Coming thru the cracks.
Aint useful like bees,
Make no honey or wax.

So I woke up my woman,
Said, ” get out of bed.
Go get my paper.
Wasps gonna be dead.”

So I rolled up the paper,
Then with a roar.
I stormed at the wasps.
And declared war.

Well Doc now you see,
Why I need your pills.
Got me a thousand wasp stings,
Makin me ill.

They stung my head,
As I hid in the hall.
They stung me all over,
Bastards stung my balls.

I know now to leave,
Wasps well alone.
And I send you a warnin,
In my Blues style poem.



I hopefully saw my last wasp of the summer today which reminded me of this blues type poem I wrote a few years ago about the pesky little things.

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