Helping my nephew with his home work.


The chair in my house has only got two wobbly legs
So I’ve propped it up with a brick and book instead.
Now as I wobble in my chair I fancy a cup of tea
Luckily the kettle’s boiling turning water to steam.
The steam starts mixing with the oxygen in the room
Sending spinning my sister’s helium filled balloon.
My mom and sister laughing at this joke
Spurt out their noses orange juice and coke.

Being an uncle I am sometimes called upon to help my nephew with his home work or various school projects, last week it was his cardboard model of the Colosseum (don’t ask ) but this time the home work was more up my street.

This week I was presented with some science home work about gases, solids and liquids, not too bad I thought, I should be able to cope. Then my sister said that the home work was not of a scientific nature but that a poem had to be written about the following items. Representing solids , a brick, a chair and a book, representing  liquids, water, coke and orange juice and representing gas, helium, steam and oxygen.

Putting to one side the fact that the science home work is to write a poem I rose to the challenge and here is the finished article written by myself and my ten-year old nephew.


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