The Pandas are Coming

The pandas are coming, the pandas are coming,
You’d better start hiding, you’d better start running.
They’re sick of being nearly extinct and labelled cute,
So the pandas are coming to give us the boot.
Evolution be damned you can hear the pandas say.
No stupid human better get in our way.
Now we take our destiny into our hands,
Humans scream as we march through the lands.
The pandas are coming, the pandas are coming,
Trumpets are blowing and drummers are drumming.
The pandas are here and they all want our jobs,
They’ve cast off their image of bamboo guzzling slobs.
They shout if we hadn’t mobilized you’d have killed us off,
So now we’re here to replace you humans they scoff.
We’re going to evolve thumbs and other useful parts
I mean you humans did it so it can’t be that hard.
The pandas are coming, the pandas are coming,
They now serve burgers and mend the plumbing.
And in the endangered species zoo in a small case,
You’ll find the last members of the human race.

2 thoughts on “The Pandas are Coming

  1. The irony is that they sequenced the Panda genome and it turns out that they are basically one gene that got broken during evolution away from eating meat like a normal mammal. What meat exactly an animal that sleeps 20 hours a day can catch is an open question.

    Unrelated, but the contents of your twitter feed include some suspicious links, can you verify that you have not been the victim of a twitter hack?


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