Sitting in the Marks and Spencers Cafe.

Based on a true story, Marks and Spencers  ( often abbreviated to just M+S ) for those who don’t know is a posh UK department store.

In the M + S cafe the world halts.
As the daughters and mothers
(Never fathers and sons)
Sip lattes and nibble tea cakes.
Tables of four are occupied
By just one lonely person
Waiting to challenge death
Over a lukewarm cup of tea.
The young wait on the old
Bringing items for examination.
“This would look nice in the hall.”
Is ignored as the elderly read the paper.
Feeling brave I remove my jacket
Showing my blue marked arms.
The class war stares and comments
Threaten to put frost on my coffee,
While my daughter oblivious to all
Learns to put the top on her juice bottle.

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