An Over the Top Ode to Pork Scratchings.

Pork scratchings are to me the best pub snack in the world there is something about their over salted crunchiness that makes them perfect with beer.

As a long time lover of this food I decided I would today use my blog page to shout their praises from the roof tops, if after reading you would like to know more about pork scratchings please click  here.

Oh you salty beauty hiding in your crinkly shell,
Opened as eagerly as the oyster catcher tackles his prize.
But unlike your cousin of the briny deep,
You always hold porcine pearls of perfection.

Like the unexpected splash of a wilful wave,
Your sodium tang hits my mouth and taste buds.
Before my teeth encounter with rapture,
Your crunchy crust of corrugated chewiness.

1 thought on “An Over the Top Ode to Pork Scratchings.

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