Pulp Noir Chapter One

Inspired by this poem by Marcy Rockwell I have dug out and polished up my old unfinished noir poem.

Skaggy note :- I am determined to write more of this poem now I have discovered it and finished this introduction.

Chapter 1: Introductions.

There’s a story going round
On the seedier side of town.
That a headless corpse has been washed up in the bay.

And all the pimps and their whores
And all the junkies see the law.
And suddenly they’ve got nothing to say.

The cops are trying to pin the crime
On a dame past her prime.
A well-known lush from round this way.

But she’s avoided them it’s said
And she’s going to head.
Straight to the office of P.I. Brady.

And though some say Brady’s a drunk
A sacked cop or no good punk.
He’s going to solve the crime and save the day.

Cos Brady’s a very desperate man
Who owes a loan shark five grand.
So he’s needs to solve this mess without delay.


4 thoughts on “Pulp Noir Chapter One

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