Pulp Noir – Chapter 2.

For those of you enjoying my Pulp poetry story here is the next chapter, all will be wrapped up tomorrow with a special extra length finale. If you want to read the introduction click here and chapter one can be found here.

My thanks to all those who have left comments and sent their appreciation.

Chapter 2: The Game is Afoot.

So with the dame watched by a friend
Brady walks the mean streets again.
Looking for people on who he can be leaning.

He leaves one informant with fewer teeth
And the next with a broken knee.
But vital information he is gathering.

Seems the chap without his head
With the Brady’s client shared a bed.
And someone’s sending someone a warning.

But Brady’s disturbed a hornet’s nest
And little does he suspect.
That the dame’s enemies are growing.

And Brady bumps into two of them
Who say they want to be his friends.
And then proceed to give him a friendly beating.

Brady responds back in kind
Gratuitous violence is his business line.
Aware now of the danger on him creeping.


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