Chips and Pills

I dug this poem out of the archive , god knows what was going through my mind when I wrote it ? Answers on the back of a postcard or in the comments section!

I’ll eat nothing but chips and pills,
It’s the latest dieting craze.
Guaranteed your weight falls off,
Or you’ll be refunded in thirty days.

I’m now living on chips and pills,
It’s not a GP recommended diet.
But for me it’s the only way,
To keep the gossips quiet.

I vomit nothing but chips and pills,
As part digested sodden bile.
But I can’t change my diet now,
My stomach’s just too fragile.

If I died eating chips and pills,
Their chemical tang on my lips.
They’ll put me in my grave slim,
Not an ounce of fat on my hips.



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