Seaside View

Time to go home tomorrow and then I predict my weekend will be soaked up with gaming and other essentials of life so here’s one last holiday poem, a sort of summary of my time here.


When I’m old I’ll sit on the beach
Then to show I have no fear.
Challenge the sea to a staring contest
Armed only with my chips and beer.

As the tide goes in and out
Our battle will rage hard.
As we stare and stare
Till I play my trump card.

Full of beer and chips
I’ll walk into the sea.
Quietly submitting
To its watery majesty.

The sea will ask “why?
You had me beat?
Why do you now drown?
Return to the beach.”

I’ll just smile nicely
Whispering to the sea
“I have always loved you
Now together we will be.”

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