The Disappointed Ninja

With the Olympics starting tonight I was surprised to find myself not thinking sport but instead being obsessed with a phrase that entered my head last week and wouldn’t go away.

The phrase in question was ” disappointed Ninja ” as to where it came from it might have been a podcast by Frank Skinner  but don’t quote me on that.

Anyway I have performed a poetic exorcism and got my thoughts down on  the subject in question so I am free to move on, I feel a bit empty though so I think I’ll read the news and see if anything leaps out at me.

The disappointed ninja
Was very sad to find out
He’s not needed to sneak
Or too rub someone out.

The disappointed ninja
Orders his shopping online
Then sharpens shuriken
To help pass the time.

The disappointed ninja’s
Temples start to throb
He reaches for his aspirin
And looks for another job.


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