Cyberpunk 2020

Cyberpunk 2020 was one of my favourite games and thanks to Robert Ramsey and his tweets I was inspired to write this tribute to it ( the format of this poem is openly stolen from the great Vic Reeves song, ” I remember punk rock.)


I remember Cyberpunk 2020
Like it was only yesterday.
Microchips in my head
In that very special way.

Yes I remember Cyberpunk 2020
From R. Talsorian games.
Lots of mad techy ways
To hack,slash or maim.

Oh that Cyberpunk 2020
And it’s gritty world view.
Limbs replaced with cybertech
And a digital eye or two.

Oh I loved that Cyberpunk 2020
Arasaka, Millitech and Trauma team
Netrunners, fixers and rockerboys
And Euro Business Machines.

I really miss Cyberpunk 2020
It made other RPG’s seem tame.
And I miss the anticipation
Of those weekend cyberpunk games.

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