When Crisps Cry

Have you ever opened a packet of crisps only to be disappointed by the low number of crisps present, well you are not alone.

I fell victim to the curse of the empty crisp packet only yesterday hence todays poem inspired by the classic Prince song.

Dig if u will the picture
Of me feeling quite hungry.
My stomach starts to rumble,
Can u Mr Walker,
Picture my agony !

Dream if u can an office
A very hungry room.
The peckish strike curious poses,
They feel the hunger,
The hunger of me and u.

How can u leave me so hungry ?
With only six crisps in my packet.
Maybe I’m just too demanding
Maybe I just like full crisp packets.
Maybe your just like my wallet
That’s always empty as well.
That’s because you’re so expensive.
This is what it sounds like,
When crisps cry.

Touch if u will my stomach,
Feel how it trembles inside.
You’ve got my hunger all tied up.
Don’t make me buy another,
Even I have some pride.

How can you leave me so hungry ?
The packet had more air than crisps.
Maybe I’m just to demanding,
Too want more than six crisps.
Maybe your just like my stomach,
It’s never satisfied.
Why do I scream at the vending machine ?
This is what it sounds like
When crisps cry….

( Apologies to Prince ! )

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