I Read the News Today , Oh Boy !

Based on the contents of todays Metro newspaper

Leona Lewis on the front page
Commenting about road rage.
Underneath if you drink and drive
You could soon be banned for life.
At the mascot school on page 3
You can be a doll convincingly.
Online terrorists target Paypal
Last night a months worth of rain fell.
Ooh graphic novels on page thirteen
That’s a pleasant sight to see.
Locked up for sex in a taxi cab
And Lindsey Lohan still seems mad.
One in five people swear every day
Fuckin A to that I say.
Insane Black Friday shopping day
Or buy the Olympic torch for 50K.
More Graphic novels reviews
Plus Italian lager is profitable booze.
Nothing left but unfunny cartoons
And I never read the sport news.

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