An Ode to the Alpenstock.

Now that winter is here I notice a lot of people in my home town feel safer walking and using an alpenstock. If that includes your good self then this poem is for you.

Oh alpenstock, oh alpenstock
Oh mighty mountain climbing stick.
Did you ever think you’d be used
When a frost just a millimetre thick
Has dusted the pavement of my town
With an icing like white glaze.
Which is already starting to melt
In the dawn suns early haze.

Oh alpenstock, oh alpenstock
Once  seen only in the alps.
But now by the urban commuter
You are more used to help.
As they walk slowly to the bus
Or step up a small kerb,
Brandishing you proudly
But looking quite absurd.

Oh alpenstock, oh alpenstock
Once used to traverse glaciers.
Now your appearance
Only causes laughter.
I long to grab you all
As to your users you’re no help
And release you back in
Your real home, the Alps.

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