Jottings from my note book – day 1.

While searching for inspiration for a multi-part poem for Christmas I realised my trusty notebook where I jot all my bizarre ideas for poems was nearly full.

This gave me an idea for a sort of Xmas multi-part post and so I present “Jottings from my note-book, ” or ” the poems that nearly made it.”

Today inspired by the column of the same name from Short List magazine we have…

Pints and pistachios
Oiled black moustachios.
“Get a proper job, ” they shout.
“But I have, I’m a lager lout.”
Somewhere a tap is dripping
Somewhere a life is slipping
Away between my fingers
Till nothing of it lingers
But a fading dream
Of what could have been.

This is also known as the ” lost hat, ” poem because when I got off the bus after writing it I realised in my haste to put my note-book away and not miss my stop I had left my hat behind ! Ok that’s not a very exciting fact but I considered adding two extra lines at the end which would have gone…

I grow old, I grow old
And my head feels cold.


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