Jottings from my note book – day 4

todays poem was inspired by a story from one of my colleagues but as with a lot of my ideas runs out of steam and so ends up unfinished…

There’s a scuttling sound,
Coming from my dustbin.
I have a horrible suspicion
That a nasty rat has got in.
I phoned up the council,
Can you send a man quick.
To be told if it’s not a rat
They’d charge me 40 quid.
I phoned up my family
They offered the loan of a cat.
Or if I was less squeamish
The loan of a cricket bat.
Unsure I sat there listening
To that burrowing rat
getting intimate with my waste
And I realise the problem is that
From all the rubbish in there
That rat could steal my ID
I should have shredded my letters
That rat could pretend to be me !


2 thoughts on “Jottings from my note book – day 4

  1. “Jottings from my note book – day 4 | Skaggy
    the Poet” was indeed a terrific blog post and also I actually was indeed quite content
    to discover the article. Many thanks-Yvonne


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