The Lonely Scotch Egg at the Christmas Buffet.

scotch egg

I’m just a lonely little scotch egg
Left on your Christmas buffet.
And I really don’t want to beg
Or come across as stuffy.
But I wonder why you diners
Have ignored little old me.
I really, really do quite mind
As I think you’ll find me tasty !
Ignored I the lonely scotch egg
Shed a bread-crumbed tear.
While you eat the last chicken leg
And I begin to know fear.
Because the buffet is now over
My chance of being eaten’s slim.
I’m now really just a leftover
Destined for the kitchen bin.
I only wanted to be eaten,
I’m food, it’s my job!
To be chomped, devoured
And demolished by your gob.
You might say I’ve got a death wish,
Or that I’m on a suicide mission.
If I had a mouth I’d scream,
Please eat me you have my permission.
And at last your hand reaches out,
You raise me to your lips,
I’m ecstatic as you eat me,
I finally live as you chew me to bits.

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