What if I massacred a classic ?

what if

What if I just can’t keep my head when all about me
Are losing it, why can’t I just lose it too ?
What if I can’t trust myself and often have doubts
About anything I think I might be able to do ?
What if I can’t wait and I just don’t do the queue thing
And I’m always looking for an easy compromise.
What if I can hate and be hated simultaneously
And find hatred of me comes as no surprise.

What if I can’t dream as sleep doesn’t come easy
And my thoughts are made confused by tablets.
What if I meet with triumph and disaster
And get tongue-tied and just can’t speak.
What If I can’t bear to read criticism
And swear twice a day to not write again.
What if I think my life is a broken record
A scratchy story of an existence mundane.

What if I never really want to gamble
Because I just can’t beat the odds.
What if I want to be reborn and try again
But I’ve been abandoned by all the gods.
What if I can’t force my heart to change
Because it’s totally encased in ice
What if I can’t hold on anymore
And am fed up of trying to be nice.

What if I get embarrassed at my thoughts
And think my imagination is long dead.
What if anyone can accidentally hurt me
And so I never want to get out of bed.
What if no one can count on me
And I just can’t do that too.
Then mine is this splintered existence
About which there is nothing I can do.

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