Me and a Man in a Suit in a Room


So there’s me and a man in a suit in a room
And I’m staring past him at the window view.
He’s saying something but I’m not listening
I’m tuned out just really pretending.
Wondering what is going on in the street
Wondering if the man really understands me.
And the man in the suit in the room with me
Leans forward trying hard to look friendly.
And I just focus on his nice sharp suit and tie
Wandering how much it cost him to buy.
And who irons the nice sharp creases it has
And who holds him when he feels sad.
And I try to focus on what he wants to impart
But my attention is derailed when I start.
To focus back in on the window view
Of the flats and the people in there who.
Are quietly getting on with their lives
And don’t have to sit here and despise.
The man in a suit in a room with me
Telling me he only wants to help me.

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