The Tale of Speccy and Sporty.

Based on a vague remembrance of growing up, the characters of Speccy and Sporty are I suppose an amalgamation of my childhood friends and my good self.

Speccy and Sporty
Were friends for life.
With inhalers and footballs
Braces and bikes.

Speccy and Sporty
Were a pair of fashion hits.
In a worn out dressing gown
Or a fave football kit.

Speccy and Sporty
Tried to fit in at school.
Teachers labelled one a prodigy
The other a fool.

Speccy and Sporty
Loved watching the telly.
Always agreeing to disagree
That Dr Who’s the best show ever.

Speccy and Sporty
Were content with life.
As with a PlayStation or Xbox
Who needs a wife?

Speccy and Sporty
Growing old together.
Lives lived differently
Yet best friends forever.


Proudly part of 100 Walsall Poems