We are the Robots

I wrote a poem about my commute to work over two years ago, recently I updated it for an anthology but didn’t make the cut so I thought I would share it here.

commuting robot

We are the Robots.

In unison down the city street,
Pavement pounding to the beat.
March the robots, the mighty crowd,
Marching steady, heads all bowed.
Robots marching on and off the train,
Brandishing brollies against the rain.
Robots with I-pods and phones ready,
Marching forward, their pace steady.

Mechanically I take my place,
Matching the robotic pace.
My feet so quickly find the rhythm,
Marching forward as if driven.
Because we robots cannot stop,
We must trudge until we drop.
Eternally marching as if cursed
Forever and ever across the earth.


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