I’m your Unbalanced Valentine

Somewhere along the way my Valentine’s Day poem got a little dark.

bloody rose

I’m your unbalanced Valentine
My fist clenched around your rose.
Ignoring the pain of the thorns
While my hand slowly turns red.

I’m your unbalanced Valentine
Who’d love to have a drink with you.
But alcohol interferes with my meds
And clouds my mind with dark thoughts.

I’m your unbalanced Valentine
Who loves to post you romantic gifts.
Now I’ve learnt your home address
When I was stalking you last week.

I’m your unbalanced Valentine
Who loves you so much.
That I’d do anything for you
Like break my restraining order.

I’m your unbalanced Valentine
Unable to rest day or night.
Until we are at last together

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Trying to Understand Love


Some search the internet for it,
Others have nothing but regret for it .
Anyone can lose their mind to it,
Sometimes you’re just blind to it.
Prudes are not proud of it,
The perverse get aroused by it.
The grateful nourish a spark of it,
The lost grope in the dark for it.
Weddings are booked on it,
Lovers are hooked on it.
Diamonds are bought for it,
Duels are fought for it.
People are thrilled by it,
Others are killed by it.
Computers try to scan it,
Religions try to ban it.
The bold travel the world for it,
The content don’t care for it.
Some never want a part of it,
Others quietly lose their heart to it.
The hopeful look all around for it,
While many die having never found it.