50 Shades of Grey Peas

grey pays and bacon

50 shades of grey peas*

The only masochistic streak I have is following my local football team.
The only thing I bleed if you cut me is Highgate Bitter.**
The only contract I ever signed was for my mobile phone.
The only urge I submit too is to buy another pint at last orders.
The only thing I like whipped is the cream on my trifle.
The only grey I tolerate are the clouds over my home town.

* Grey peas or grey pays in my local Black Country dialect are delicious with bacon and are a well known local dish where I live.

** Highgate Bitter used to be brewed at the end of my road, but now with the brewery sadly closed is made under licence elsewhere in the UK. In spite of all this it’s still a local beer in my eyes wherever it’s made.

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