The Weight of Words

The Weight of Words

the weight of wrods

I’m carrying a poet’s briefcase,
Its weight makes my arms drag.
Curious as to the contents I ask the poet,
“It contains poetry dear boy, ” he replies.
So now I know what words weigh,
And I never thought they would be a burden.
As carrying poetry makes my back ache,
And has me gasping for breath.
So I have an idea and stop,
What if I was to open the case?
What if I set free the poetry within?
Imagine the words floating away
Caught by everyone around.
Who suddenly find joy in them.
Then my burden would be shared
Everyone carrying part of it
Because when it comes to poetry
Surely it’s better to share?

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Beer Froth my first published poetry book is now available.

Long term fans of the blog may have noticed content has been slow these last few months. Well I can finally reveal why. I’ve been busy writing, editing and self publishing my first poetry anthology ” Beer Froth.”

Beer Froth poetry book by Richard Archer

Beer Froth is a collection of my favorite poems from this site, edited specially for this collection and some brand new poetical work as well. Here is the book’s advertising spiel…

Beer Froth is a collection of poetry from Walsall poet Richard Archer. From pork scratchings and unicorns to OCD and Were-Hamsters this poetry anthology covers all these and more. A collection designed to hopefully make you laugh and think, not necessarily in that order.

The book contains nearly sixty poems, each with its own Director’s Commentary. Here I try to explain a bit about the poem’s influences and what thoughts went through my head that led me to write them.

So where can you get a copy of the book well follow this link to go to Lulu and snap up a copy. Currently the book is only available in print, I’m trying to figure out how to get a digital copy out there but bear with me while I work it all out. If you buy a copy and like the book please leave a review which will help me to promote it.

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If you enjoy this blog fear not I’m still going to put poems here every month.

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Praise for Beer Froth from the Walsall Poetry Society.

” This book made me laugh, it made me feel patriotic, it made me feel soppy…it has done the one thing it was supposed to do, it made me feel and therefore the book has done its job and done it well.”