Waiting for the Bonfire Flames

bonfire night

I’m just a poor old guy on the bonfire,
No firework watching for me.
I’m waiting to be burnt alive,
While you watch and eat your tea.

I’m loaded with your memories,
I wear your granddad’s hat.
I sport your dad’s old trousers,
My hair’s your old bath mat.

But you don’t care for this,
You’re just here to see me burn.
I fry for your delight tonight,
My fiery demise isn’t your concern.

The bonfire starts to flicker,
And then the flames draw closer.
This is your prompt to rave and cheer,
Soon for me it will all be over.

Finally the fire catches,
I’m burning oh so bright.
Joining all the other guys,
On this flaming bonfire night.

And in the morning I’ll be ashes,
To be quickly tidied and cleared.
Or scattered gently by the wind,
Until I’m resurrected next year.

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