Is Friday the Thirteenth unlucky?


Should a nation quake in fear,
As it’s Friday the thirteenth today?
Should I worry about bad luck,
And wish this day would go away?
Who chose Friday the thirteenth anyway,
Why is this day such bad news?
Well we need to go back in history,
To see why this day gives us the blues.
Supposedly many many years ago,
Eve on this fateful Friday.
Chomped on an apple and caused the curse,
When she was only eating one of her five a day.
And now you can’t go out for lunch,
If there’s another twelve going, but still
This might only be unlucky,
If you’re landed with the bill.
Thirteen has a lot of bad press,
Unlike its close friend twelve.
As we’re happy with twelve months,
And that a clock has twelve hours.
But just add one and we’re on the edge,
That little addition makes us stop.
Thirteen can cause heart attacks,
And make us think we’re for the chop.
How badly are we affected by thirteen?
Well just think on this.
How many buildings are there,
Where thirteen doesn’t exist.
They have no thirteenth floor,
There might not be a ward thirteen.
There’s no thirteenth room,
Lifts go straight from twelve to fourteen.
Should I care about this?
With this bad karma am I stuck?
I’ll tell you all tomorrow,
When I should have better luck.


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