The Shop of Lost Poems

the shop of lost poems

Have you ever woken from a dream,
With a poem vanishing from your sight.
And as you struggle to remember it,
It fades, along with the night.

Or have you ever been on the bus,
And felt a poem creep up on you.
But had no pen or paper ready,
So the poem just fell through.

Do you ever stop to think,
Where do your lost poems go?
They don’t just fade and vanish,
They have a home you know.

Somewhere in a dark street,
In a long forgotten part of town.
Stands a small crooked shop,
All battered and run down.

And on its dusty shelves,
Are found lost poems and ideas.
Sprawled in disorganised piles,
Gathered over the years.

How the poems got there is uncertain,
Why they come here none can explain.
All that’s known is here’s their home,
As they wait to be found again.

Now say you stumble on this shop,
And find a poem you thought lost.
You wish to buy it back,
And you’re willing to pay the cost.

The charge on a sign reads,
If you want back a poem never spoken.
Then the price is simple,
We charge a poem for a poem.

Be careful before you pay though,
Make sure you’re willing to give up.
That thing you cherish the most
A poem you’ve written and love?

You might think the deal worth it,
But beware on leaving the shop.
You may find your returned poem,
Is once again easily forgot.

The shop offers no refunds,
It doesn’t allow you to return.
So perhaps here’s a lesson,
That we all could learn.

Cherish your new poems and ideas,
Don’t chase those you lost and regret.
Just enjoy and continue with,
Whatever poem you think of next.

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