The Theatre Cloud’s Loneliness project seeks poets


I’m always on the look out for interesting poetry competitions and the free one from Theatre Cloud entitled Loneliness is just too interesting not to share.

Here’s the blurb from the site.

In this creative project, we want you to write a POEM or a short duologue ABOUT LONELINESS. You might be inspired to write about a character in Steinbeck’s novel. You may want to reflect on your own life or experience you’ve had, you may find inspiration from a friend or something you’ve seen on the news. 

We want you to write something honest but playful  and from the heart.

Although the theme is LONELINESS, we’re encouraging you to think about the many themes that relate to this in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men: friendship, isolation, innocence, freedom, justice, violence, prejudice, age, race, masculinity,  femininity and vulnerability, economic hardship and the struggle to survive.”

Read more here

It’s very easy to submit a poem and there are some great ones already uploaded,

Here’s mine.

If you do submit a poem or have already done so please leave a link in the comments, and if you are entering good luck.


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