Orange Sunshine


I’m proud to be supporting the Orange Sunshine event tonight raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Here is my poem about this terrible condition which will be in my set.

More about the event can be found here.

We can all forget things it’s true,
Trivial thoughts can easily slip our mind,
Phones or keys can be misplaced,
Sometimes you lose track of the time.
But what if you forgot something,
That was a large chunk of your life?
What if you lost those thoughts forever?
Like you forgot you had children or a wife.
What if these lost memories teased you,
Flitting back briefly into your brain.
Only to vanish again just as quick,
While at your failing memory you complain.
What if your family and friends tried to help,
Doing their best to get through to you.
Powerless though to help you remember,
Looking on, hiding tears at what you forget to do.
Think on this next time you can’t remember,
Something trivial you were going to do.
Your memories will return, then when they do,
Remember those who can’t remember you.

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