Happy Fifth Birthday to Me, have some Wooden Poetry

Wooden Poetry

So it’s five years since I started this poetry blog and to my surprise despite the odd gap in poetry production it’s still going. So as I said yesterday I’m not going to go into detail about my journey instead as is traditional on fifth anniversaries I’m going to give you a wooden gift.

Wooden Poetry

On a fifth anniversary it’s traditional
To give a wooden gift.
So I have chosen for you
Wooden poetry.
Not solid dependable oak poetry.
This is Ikea poetry.
Poetry you need a screwdriver to put together,
Words that should come with instructions.
This is old-fashioned wooden jigsaw poetry,
Poetry found in the loft with pieces missing,
Words that don’t form a picture
No matter how hard you stare.

This is poetry you can burn.
Release words from wooden embers.
Poetry that generates no heat,
But just turns quickly to ash.
Ash that as if on cue
Is blown away by the wind.
This is poetry you can throw in rivers
To be enjoyed as it floats away.
This is poetry that no matter how hard you try to be rid of
Your dog will always bring it back.
This is poetry you can save for Bonfire Night.
Rhymes roast as marshmallows toast.

Next year comes iron.
Poetry formed from blood and metal.
If I’ve finished my jigsaw.


Published by Black Napkin press

5 thoughts on “Happy Fifth Birthday to Me, have some Wooden Poetry

  1. Ha ha, brilliant! Great punchline too. Happy birthday! Will you be treating yourself to an artisanal burger on a pointless wooden plate, washed down with a (wooden) tankard of mead?


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