The Whisper by guest poet Matt Humphries

Matt Humphries

The Whisper

The breath of a faraway sound, whispered from your lover
In the midst of a crowd, a crowd of a concert, a city or dive bar
A whispered caress that envelopes your being, makes you feel warm
In the chill of the winter, in the mind’s eye of a blizzard.

The spring has arrived with the faraway whisper
Sent to you with love and no conditions attached
A beautiful growth of roots in your stomach
The seeds of a life and the strong oak of renewal.

Nature’s great way, a plan for every being and soul
You may be call it destiny but I call it hope
The light of the whisper from a faraway sound
Creates a bright so beacon that the world can see in the distance.

No ocean too far or mountain too high
Even in the desert there’s a multitude of life
This is how love feels, it’s the crux of the matter
The faraway whisper from the heart of your girl.

Back by popular demand, please stop emailing me now!

Want to know more about Matt , here’s a quick bio written by the man himself

My name is Matt Humphries and I’m a poet from Walsall. I have only been writing poetry for a relatively short space of time, I tend to write in a retrospective way a lot of the time and take my inspiration from things that I see or read. I hope you enjoy this poem. If you have any feedback my email is

Thanks Matt, hopefully he will have a poetry book out soon which I will cover here.

Fancy a guest slot here? Just email me to discuss.

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