The Dirty Dozen, featuring Annette Rochelle Aben

Al the Author is interviewing bloggers/authors/poets with the first interview being published today. Watch for my interview soon and follow Al for great writing and zombie love.

A Certain Point of View

Welcome to the first in a new series, which I’m (slightly mischievously, and completely inaccurately) calling the Dirty Dozen!

I read, and enjoy, a lot of blog posts with blogger/author interviews, and wanted to put my own spin on that. This will hopefully create something entertaining and informative for you, the reader, while sharing what platform I have with the amazing and talented people who have bravely volunteered to take part. Not all of these questions are easy, but hopefully they will give you an insight into the person on the other side of the screen. Ultimately, blogging is all about making connections. Show your humanity, show your love, and support each other. Because really, what else is there?

First to step up to the plate, as happens so often on my blog, is the amazing, inspirational Annette Rochelle Aben!


The Dirty Dozen

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2 thoughts on “The Dirty Dozen, featuring Annette Rochelle Aben

  1. Thank you sir. Please leave your information at reception and the stipend shall arrive shortly! Best of luck with your post, I look forward to it! (peanut butter jar at the ready)

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