My Darkish Desire

question mark

Everyday I wake with the taste of you on my tongue
Which fuels my need to see you again.
As I rise I find
My resolve crumbles.
While my brain concocts feeble excuses
To cross your path today.

When we do meet
I’m happy to see you’re ready.
You knew I would come.
Money changes hands, but our eyes don’t meet.
I mumble my name, though you know it,
So never reply.

Your scent teases me
Helping me to wait, as I do everyday.
I long to hold you.
To feel your warmth
Radiate through my hands.
Before our lips lock.

I sense you’re ready.
I raise my eyes.
My heart skips
As my pulse accelerates.
Then I hear the words that make my day,
“Large mocha with sprinkles for Richard.”


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