I’m sitting in the pub corner,
Comfy in my favourite seat.
Raising my glass half-heartedly,
To all the friends I used to meet.

I’m drinking to your memory,
I’m drinking to regret.
I’m drinking to your health,
I’m drinking to forget.

I wonder if you’re close now?
In a room across the road.
Or are your living far away,
On the other side of the globe.

I could see if you are on Facebook,
I could send you a tweet.
Maybe if I looked hard I might
Spot your face in the street.

But no I stay in the pub corner,
Happily nursing my beer.
And if I think I see you passing,
I’ll not raise my glass in cheers.

You see I’ve found I don’t miss you,
I really don’t give a toss.
That we’re no longer friends,
It’s my gain and your loss.

So please keep your distance,
Stay away, stay in my past.
Cos I’ll stop thinking about you,
When I reach the bottom of my glass.


Taken from Diverse Verse a poetry anthology I compiled and being sold to raise money for charity.

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