Fish and Chips by guest poet Matt Humphries

Matt Humphries

I want fish and chips
First of all let’s share a kiss
As we sit on the sofa
Tender moment’s enveloping

But first I want fish and chips
As we sit in the flat
Linked together arm in arm
Making new memories
Like a sweet chocolate bar

Let’s have fish and chips
My tummy is rumbling
Amongst all the fumbling
Our song blares out
Like a statement of intent

We need to have fish and chips
I just might need an operation
To be separated from you
A G&T and lager
Like a minute of drama

Are we going to have fish and chips?
The times getting on
The shop will be shut
As we lean in to each other
For the sweetest of touch

Shall we just have some toast?
I don’t want to go out
Cos each moment apart
Is bad for my health.


Thanks Matt for another great poem, here’s his bio

My name is Matt Humphries and I’m a poet from Walsall. I have only been writing poetry for a relatively short space of time, I tend to write in a retrospective way a lot of the time and take my inspiration from things that I see or read. I hope you enjoy this poem. If you have any feedback my email is

Fancy a guest slot then email me at

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