I don’t often do writing challenges as I’m not very good at them but this one by The Secret Keeper caught my attention.

The challenge was to write a Tanka, a poem similar to a haiku but with additional lines, using the words Woods, Legend, Wild, Hard and Serve. I think I nailed it but I’m not sure if my last line counts as cheating or not! See what you think.

In the wild dark woods,
A lost child is raised by apes.
Hard as a lion,
A legend to all creatures,
Tarzan is his mighty name.

Swinging on his vine,
He serves up jungle justice.
Green vigilante,
Crying loud as he swings by.
“Ah-ahhhh ah ahh ahaha.”

Be sure to subscribe to The Secret Keeper if you want a weekly writing challenge, I think I might just have the bug now!

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