8-Bit Dream

8-bit Dream

I still remember my favourite childhood escape,
Those computer games on cassette tape.
After school loading them on to my TV screen,
Then happily getting lost in an 8-bit dream.

At space invaders I’d love to play,
Blowing those aliens back to the Milky Way.
Or I’d load Decathlon, try to beat my record,
Often instead only breaking my keyboard.

Then if I fancied a bit of a change,
I’d load up an adventure game.
Trying to guide a clueless hobbit to a ring,
While a dwarf about gold did sing.

Once I started a game, I never stopped,
Playing until I was ready to drop.
If a game finished I never felt down,
I’d just buy more from the shop in town.

Loading up my new game I’d play all night,
Fighting the good electronic fight.
But to be honest I’d play anything,
Happy to get lost in an 8-bit dream.

I’m still working my way through Uncharted 4 but while doing so I was reminded of how my gaming obsession started with the 8-bit home computer I first owned, the ZX Spectrum. A quick note – Decathlon the game was similar to Track and Field and involved rapid alternate pressing of two keys to make an athlete run. It was responsible for a lot of broken keyboards, including mine.

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