Monochrome World


In the wearisome monochrome world
Everything is shades of black and white.
Humankind has been tranquilised
People live out a clockwork life.

They quietly catch dull buses,
Waiting patiently in drizzling rain.
Uncomplaining of grey smog
As they linger for drab trains.

Two-tone uniform policemen
Sedately walk silent beats.
Making people’s muted lives,
Safe on their dingy streets.

Battleship grey homogeneous children
Shuffle softly to granite schools.
They only speak in whispers,
Not one of them plays the fool.

Once the dreary sun sets
In this world of black and white.
People retire to boring bedrooms,
To embrace the hushed night.

They close tired grey eyes,
That with tears start to stream.
As every night in bright colour
They live vicariously in their dreams.

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