Newsflash: Man Spotted Reading an Actual Book


man seen reading book headline

The other day I saw a curious sight,
A man in the street reading a book.
I had to stop and rub my eyes,
Then take another look.

But I wasn’t having a hallucination
A man was reading the printed page.
He wasn’t using an iPhone or Kindle,
Doesn’t he know they’re all the rage?

As I watched cars and buses stopped,
People gave the man three cheers.
“Hooray he’s reading from a book,
We’d heard they’d disappeared.”

T.V crews quickly turned up
Plus radio broadcasters too.
The man reading an actual book,
Soon became the headline news.

Despite all this the book reading man,
Made no effort to stop or look.
He didn’t notice the fuss he’d caused,
It must have been a hell of a book.

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