So Long


If there’s some water in the corner of my eye
As I say my so longs and goodbyes.
Don’t think that it’s for me that I cry
I’m only thinking of those left behind.


You know who you are, so long and thanks.

P.S. This is a poem about changing my job, my previous post about my blasphemous review has only increased my desire to write. I’m  not going anywhere!

A Big Thank You to Aldridge Transport Museum

Many moons ago, well June to be precise the cover for my latest book of poetry “Poems on the Bus” was shot at Aldridge Transport Museum. Today to say thank you I visited the museum and donated some copies of my book to their shop.


Here I am standing in front of the bus that’s on the cover of my book

So a big thanks to the museum for letting Andy Simon shoot my cover there and to Emma Dunn for appearing on it.

Poems on the bus front cover

Poet vs. Poetry


Poetry it seems is a harsh mistress,
Over the years she has tested me.
But every time I pick up my pen,
I know she has never bested me.

Dress Down Day


It’s dress down day so

It’s not feel like a wage slave day,
It’s a chase the blues away day,
It’s thumb your nose at the world day,
It’s wink at all the girls and boys day,
It’s smoke a pack of cigarettes day,
It’s buckfast for breakfast day,
It’s sing down the phone day,
It’s smile at all the moaners day,
It’s dance on the bus day
It’s don’t be a wuss day,
It’s neck all your wine day ,
It’s eat like a swine day,
It’s binge watch TV day,
It’s a spending spree day,
It’s a live your life your way day,
It’s a don’t worry about tomorrow day.

Stream of Consciousness


Flowing moving, never stopping,
quick and slow, I go with the flow.

Past toads and toes,
navigating boulders and boats,
drifting by locks and lakes.
No time to stop,
my impatient tides wait for nothing.

Turbulent, dynamic, crashing, unstoppable.
Then in the time it takes to make a splash I slow,
letting sparkling motes of sunshine ripple on my surface.

Passing under curved branches and bowed trees
my depths turn into shadowy stygian secrets,
impenetrable to observation, reflections lost in my bleak maelstrom,
hidden currents that could tangle the unwary.

I’m an uncaring erosive power, boldly forging new trails before

Until I finally meet with the sea in a salty embrace,
finding peace at last in the cool whitecaps of my family.
But you can’t tie me down my flux is restless I long to be…

Flowing moving, never stopping,
quick and slow, going with the flow.




Poem for my Daughter on her Eighth Birthday


Where did those eight years go?
When did our time spent together seem to move at the speed of light?
Vanishing so quickly that the present rapidly becomes memory.

When did you grow so much?
So my back creaks and arms ache when I pick you up,
Remembering when I once lifted you with ease.

When did we start to like the same TV programs?
Laughing like drains at the Cartoon Network.
Yet I used to flee the room if you put on “In the Night Garden.”

When did you become such a sponge for knowledge?
Devouring books and enjoying historical stories.
Making me rack my brains at your questions before I resort to Google.

When did you become so graceful?
Twisting and pirouetting while watching Strictly,
While I with my leaden feet look on in awe.

I know where our eight years went.
They passed quickly because enjoyment always will.
Time never stands still when a father is with the daughter he loves.

Where to buy my new book Poems on the Bus

Last Saturday I launched my third poetry collection “Poems on the Bus” at Southcart Books in Walsall. I’m pleased to say it was a great afternoon, with wonderful poetry and music from a brilliant selection of local performers.


Richard Archer and fellow performers at Southcart Books. From left to right Paul Elwell, me, Jess Law, Christine Loch, Marianne Burgess, Dan Oram, Lagriff and Katy Jay. Photo courtesy of Southcart Books

A big thank you to all who came, Marianne who co-hosted with me and to Southcart Books for allowing me to launch in their great shop. I’ll put some links at the end of this article of all those involved who can be found on the internet so you can enjoy and support their work.

So onto the book, it’s currently available as a paperback on, if you want a digital version I am converting the file for upload as a Kindle book which should be done soon. The book is also available at Southcart Books, which if you’re in Walsall is well worth a visit.

So click here to go to Lulu to get a copy of the book 

Jess Law’s great Music can be found here.
Marianne’s book is available here.
The fabulous tunes from Katy Jay are here.
Southcart Books is here
Links to the talented cover photographer Andy Simon and model Emma Dunn can be found here.

Early Christmas Decoration Store Rage


On a recent trip to a local shop
In the seasonal’s aisle I had to stop.
It’s only September but all I could see,
Was a huge pile of Christmas trees.

Now I know it’s getting dark in the morning,
As later and later the sun is dawning.
But surely it’s too early for the shops,
To be displaying their Christmas stock.

There’s still important dates to come, I mean
We’ve not yet celebrated Halloween.
Plus to me Christmas decorations aren’t right,
To be on shop shelves before Bonfire Night.

So I marched the manager down the aisle,
He looked, then gave me an insincere smile.
Ignoring my rampant protestations
That it’s too early for Christmas decorations.

The manager didn’t seem apologetic at all,
He replied, ” I’ll sell what I want, it’s my store.
And anyway it’s not too early if the truth be said.”
Pointing out his display of Easter eggs.

The Rules of Poetry Club


1st Rule: You do not talk about Poetry Club.

2nd Rule: You do not talk about Poetry Club.

Please note you are welcome to recite, sing or do spoken word.

3rd Rule: If someone says stop, goes limp or taps out your poem is over.

4th Rule: Only one person to a poem.

5th Rule: Only one poem at a time.

6th Rule: No shirt, no shoes, no poem.

7th Rule: Poems will go on as long as they have to or rule 3 applies.

8th Rule: If this is your first night at Poetry Club, you have to read. As long as rule 6 doesn’t apply.

My new book “Poems on the Bus” is ready for launch

Richard Archer with Poems on the Bus

I’m very pleased to announce after a lot of hard work my third book of poetry “Poems on the Bus,” is ready for launch and what a launch I’ve got planned.

On Saturday the 10th of September at 1:30pm I will be premiering the book at Southcart Books in Walsall. It’s here the my new poetry collection will be available for sale for the first time but I’m not going to hog the limelight, I’ve gathered a talented group of musicians and poets who will be performing along with me throughout the afternoon all for free.

So I hope you can make it, if not stay tuned to the site as once the launch is completed I will be putting the book up online so you can buy a physical or digital copy.